There's more to boxing than meets the eye - it's a skill, a practice that empowers us to connect with ourselves, develop awareness and feel liberated in the mission to become our best self

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Through my experience of learning from some of the best trainers in the world I’ve developed a way of sculpting, shaping and strengthening people's bodies which creates results and boosts self esteem - This mixed with the modern day meditation of boxing is an incredible way to develop who we are mentally and physically.

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01: GQ 

For those of you suffering from a symbiotic bond with your desk chair, then this training program is a God-send. If you work with boxing specialist and larger-than-life character George Veness, however, you'll see a big difference in your glutes. The self-professed "booty sculptor" will make you squat until you drop and lunge until...well, until you can no longer lunge. 

02: OK! Magazine

George Veness responsible for toning the physiques of the likes of Lily Allen and Rita Ora, his high-intensity training feels more like movement therapy, which made me sweat in the process. ‘It’s almost the physical side of mediation,’ George tells me of his technique.

03: Tatler - 6 Best trainers in london

George, has honed a style of PT that is ballet-meets-boxing. You'll learn how to punch (and how not to be punched in the face) - but the emphasis is on super-light footwork, so you'll practically skip around the room as you follow his instructions to jab and uppercut in a sort of hypnotic, shuffling dance. He's also funny and charming and rather easy on the eye. Which doesn't hurt.

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